In September 2015 DASA was founded. We identified some children playing soccer that were not affiliated with any soccer club or organization. The children were from Mutundwe, a Kampala ghetto area full of violence, abusive language and lots of injustice. DASA was able to get these children into local schools through the soccer program. It has been a slow process, but it is growing steadily. Soccer is DASA’s current focus, but in the future, we hope to expand to other popular youth sports – volleyball, basketball, netball, cycling, and futsal, to name a few.

Xavier and Kai

Some of our partners have donated training uniforms for the needy children who were not in position to afford them. This exercise has been of recent led by Xavier Lanier and his 9 year old son Kai together with his friends and well wishers who have donated funds worthy USD 560 for over thirty uniforms to be given out as listed below

Its important to note the same Xavier family is preparing for a huge equipment donation 


List of friends of Xavier and Kai

  • Sandra Halladey
  • Dawn Tiura
  • Josh A. Smith
  • Jerome Sak
  • Julie Berman Barrier
  • Meredith Barnes Mayosky
  • Andrea Jacobson
  • Erika Hamson
  • Minita Gandhi
  • Rajesh Gandhi
  • Kevin C. Tofel
  • Robyn Ladle Albarran
  • Gabriela Canak

We are thankful and forever grateful

Our main sponsors

  • YemiOlagbegi
  • Buford mobley
  • Dion
  • Tommy lasiter
  • Gilbert kanyongo
  • Melisa jarah
  • Gabriela Canak
  • Benita gaston
  • Mathew Johnson and CASSA Academy
  • Michelle Forsethy&Sandhills United SC
  • Alison Schenk
  • Jen Brady
  • Joe Yearicks
  • Janelle & Keira
  • Jerel Zak
  • Olga Briggs
  • Susane Silva