Unlike in America, Europe, South America, African girls are up to now less considered in many life aspects especially in Education and Sports. Parents see girls as potential mothers not potential world leaders and changers. This is a very primitive and annoying perception in the current world trend. In Africa, it’s rare to find a girls’Sports Academy and those who are lucky will play Sports at an old age and by God’s Grace they will get to be some recognized people. A big number of parents will not care about seeing girls studying to have degrees and further just as they won’teven look into getting them (girls) the necessary equipment to develop their talents. We want to cause a change on this perception by supporting the girls in furthering Education from young motherhood and helping many experience their given talents.

Keira's Story

Keira is a 13 year old American girl living in German with her parents playing for GSV Maichingen FC. she’s the first person to have supported this program by donating a sports bag and a pair of cleats to our pioneer girl player Sharuwa. This is from the various donations of equipment she collected for us from different people and organizations in Germany not to forget her team which donated 80 balls and 30 bibbs

Buikwe Trip Girl's Pads Donation

The girls team formation

During COVID lock-down, we identified girls in the community and we started training them. As time went on the number gradually increased. 

The Albion Academy in San Diego donated new soccer gear through our coordinator madam Jerel Zak which comprised of; 2 jersey sets, red and blue with white shorts, cleats, trainers, and soccer jackets etc.

In addition to this, coach Mark  Bargeron donated USD1000 from which $300 covered the Albion sports gear shipment, and part of the $700 was used to purchase training uniforms for the girls and the remaining facilitated the girls in other aspects  


Girls in Africa are given less attention ,it’s the same with Our country Uganda, in our efforts to raise the girls game and education ,we have selected this among many projects, to see that they are directly involved in Sports by managing this Field ,playing on it and collecting funds from it to see many of them pushed far in their education. With Your kind Support we will be able to see the dreams of many Girls come true. This will not only be a field of play but also a training Centre for girls in different aspects of the game ,like refereeing , Managing, Coaching and more aspects connected to the Game.

For any inquiries regarding this program feel free to get in touch with our coordinator 

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