Roughly 70% of the population in Africa is uneducated. In Uganda, it is approximately 23.47% of the population that is uneducated. This is due to poverty that is imposed by African leaders on their citizens. There are many other factors to the problem of lack of education as well. Many children remain uneducated because their families cannot afford books, uniforms, or even shoes.

To date, children with athletic talent, from lower grades to college age students, who have joined Divine Atletic Sports Academy (D.A.S.A) have had the opportunity to earn educational scholarships allowing them to attend school.

Our goal at EFF is to help all children, regardless of extracurricular talent, get the education they deserve.

We started this program officially by donating  scholastic books at the 3rd edition of the soccer parent life cup in January 2020 though Emmy has doing it for some past years with his academy boys.

In addition to that, we have received $1000 from Mr. Greg Mcgreveey, from this we have supported candidates to go back to school especially those who had failed to report back. We also bought some school materials. 

Go back to school activity kikube and kizigo villages 20th ,march 2021

Over 300, children from 7 villages in Buikwe District, had failed to report back to school due to lack of school supplies. We managed to reach out to them with a good number of 200 pages, books, pens &Erasers. Thanks to all our supports who stood with us during this cause. God bless you Much. We will be doing the same outreach next year for continued support to those children .