Girls in need of Pads Campaign (GNPC)

The campaign is to help provide underprivileged teenage girls and young women living from different rural areas in Uganda.
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Young Ugandan girls will often share their sanitary supplies with their mothers and other women in the household. These supplies will get washed between use, but venereal diseases can be transmitted in spite of the washing efforts.

Studies show that most underprivileged girls miss four days of school per month due to menses. This issue is not talked about enough in Uganda. A corrupt government embezzling funds that were supposed to go to menstrual supply access and a weak healthcare system has caused this issue of girls missing school due to menses to not be addressed.
You can help by donating money to purchase reusable sanitary supplies that will be distributed locally. USD 12 will supply one girl with menstrual supplies for 12 months and ensure she won’t miss school because of her period. A USD 60 donation will help 5 girls for 12 months.



In partnership with Anytime Soccer Training, the Emmy Friends Foundation will be using the Anytime Soccer Training PayPal link to collect donations that are originating from the US.

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