In September 2015, Emmy Kisakye and Kato Swaib identified kids in Mutundwe area a suburb in Kampala City the Capital of Uganda. These kids were playing unprepared, undirected soccer by themselves using a very in poor condition ball, poorly dressed in torn clothes and some oversized clothes. Later a friend by the name of Kasimu Yiga joined the administration of the team. We decided to join and give guidance,direction by making them an organized Junior Soccer team. We named Divine Athletic Sports Academy (D.A.S.A). Divine is a name to Emmy’s son standing for something related to God.

In a short time hanging with these kids, we discovered many of them were not schooling due to lack of minimal school fees, scholastic materials and we got deeply concerned. So we mobilized for some equipment, trained and prepared them then looked for lower grade school coaches nearby who became our partners in helping these kids go to school. So many kids have benefited from these school partnerships with us. Rubaga Uganda Martyrs Primary, African Academy Nursery and Primary School, Kitebi Primary and Mutundwe Model Primary School are among our partner schools. However, in the long run we discovered that many of our children’s family members (sisters and brothers), friends who are not playing were in the same situation. We decided to formalize by creating an organization to cater for all (playing and non-playing) vulnerable children and communities.


Emmy Friends Foundation is a Sports oriented Non-Profit organization fully registered with the Government of Uganda, working to improve lives of vulnerable children, with a special attention to the girl child and needy communities, through Sports, Education, Health and Economic Empowerment at all levels in Uganda for sustainable development.